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Website is important for your businesses. More downtime, more loss and distrust. Don't be the last one to know that your website goes down; let website monitoring software detect the problem and fix it before any loss occurs.

Users will abandon a slow website. According to an experiment by Zona Research, one site studied dropped in abandonment rate from 30% to 8% by improving download time per page by one second faster. Let website monitoring software report your website speed.

Do you want to
  • Be notified immediately whenever your website becomes inaccessible?
  • Be provided with real-time reports to evaluate your website performance?
  • Be served by a reliable website monitoring assistant for peace of mind?

And here you are! Radar Website Monitor - The All-in-One website monitoring software that won't let you down.

Radar Website Monitor is a multithreaded website monitoring software that keeps a close and constant watch over your website. It can monitor different types of internet services, including HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, FTP, DNS, Ping, Database and TCP. When your website is detected inaccessible, loads improperly or responds excessively slow, Radar Website Monitor will send an immediate notification to you. It can even run previously specified applications automatically! You define the interval of time that Radar Website Monitor provides you with real-time reports and charts, allowing you to easily understand and evaluate your website's performance.

Get the power and freedom to monitor your Website with just two clicks.

Step 1: Click "New" button

Monitoring Step 1

Step 2: Fill in the monitor item's name and url, then start monitoring

Monitoring Step 2

Well done! Get Radar Website Monitor now!

Selection of Our Clients

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What Our Clients Say

  • Andres Lara: Very good software, best regards and thank you for your excelent service.
  • Darren Kendall: It is excellent software, simple yet powerful.
  • Mike Larson: I installed the new version and the new block period feature works great.

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November 28, 2007: New version released. Bug fixed.

November 1, 2007: New version released. Local network checking interval changed, notification email log added.

April 12, 2007: New version released. TCP Monitoring ability provided in this version, and bug fixed.
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